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At sixth edition of Vucko Trail, the most attractive trail race in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are introducing a new category – VUČKO TEAMS. Vucko Teams category is a new dimension of competition, created especially for teams, whether it be companies, sports clubs or informal groups of runners. Teams will compete on existing Vucko courses (13km and 35km) for the title of BEST TEAM.

Rules and scoring:

  • Minimum number of competitors in one team is five
  • There is no limit to the maximum number of team members
  • Teams compete on existing Vučko Green (13km) and Blue (35km) courses
  • There are no restrictions in the choice of tracks (possibility to choose that all team members run one course or a combination of 13km and 35km for various members)
  • Entry fees are paid individually or at once for the hole group, without additional costs for team applications
  • Scoring of competitors will be done based on Race Rules and Regulations
  • After scoring all of the team members, teams will be ranked and symbolic team awards will be provided for three best ranked teams.

Important notes for teams:

  • When registering competitors on, all team members must register under the same team name, accurately and equally entered for all members.
  • In case some competitors are already registered on Stotinka, and want to be part of a team, they can send an e-mail with a request for correction no later than May 20, 2022, to at
  • Teams that do not have a minimum of five competitors on the day of the race will not be scored