June 19th, 2021
Bjelašnica, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
June 19th, 2021
Bjelašnica, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
June 19th, 2021
Bjelašnica, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


61 km / +3.700 m / 3 ITRA POINTS

This is a trail where we had to take a great care where to go so that elevation gain does not exceed +4000m. The other side of Bjelasnica, ancient roads and even more ancient legends, the Rakitnica canyon and the knife-sharp ridge of mountain Visocica. And all that spiced with breathtaking landscapes and stecak tombstones popping up all around. It is irresistibly reminiscent of our ancestors who would do this trail for breakfast while chasing sheep across mountain slopes.


35 km / +1.800 m / 2 ITRA POINTS

Ideal trail for those who want to take a shot at a somewhat more moderate mileage, but still desire to feel the thrill, adventure, exertion and beautiful sights. The village of Lukomir as one of the destinations as well as Studeni potok and the stone remains of the Dragon give special flavor to this trail and make you want to finish it as fast as you can. Nevertheless if you want to spend a night on dragons terain – it is a totaly another challenge.


13 km / + 610 m

A relaxed trail for everyone and anyone, without much elevation gain and with pleasant environment and route. The trail is runnable, but it also provides for a more classical hiking approach and enables participants to fully enjoy the nature in a relaxed circular route. For all those who would like to try but believe they can’t do it, but also for those who see such distances as competitive or just want to do a somewhat more demanding workout.

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2021 registrations are open

Applications for Vucko Trail 2021 are officially open. The fifth edition of the race will take place on Saturday, June 19, 2021 on Bjelasnica and

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Entry fee transfers from 2020

If you have applied and paid the entry fee for Vučko Trail 2020 race, that unfortunatelly had to be canceled, and you opted to transfer

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Vučko Trail 2020. is CANCELED

Dear friends,We hereby inform you that the 5th edition of Vučko trail will definitely be CANCELED and postponed till next year, June 19, 2021. We’re

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Dear runners, race start is approaching! Before we provide you with informations about race day, let us inform you about changes regarding race courses. 15km