Race registration go exclusively through the web site.

Race fees:
  • BLACK Course (105 km):
    01.03.2023. – 19.05.2023.: 90€(180KM) – Paypal 93€
  • RED Course (61 km):
    01.03.2023. – 19.05.2023. : 50€(100KM) – Paypal 53€
  • BLUE Course (35 km):
    01.03.2023. – 19.05.2023. : 40€(80KM) – Paypal 43€
  • GREEN Course (13 km):
    01.03.2023. – 19.05.2023. : 35€(70KM) – Paypal 38€

Vučko Trail 2022 winners do not pay race fee:

  • Course 61 km: Naida Avdić and Branislav Pavić
    Course 35 km: Alma Alijagić and Ernis Džemidžić
    Course 13 km: Emina Alagić and Džemal Jašarević

Vučko Trail participants with the best course time do not pay the race fee:

  • Course 63 km: Miluša Bošković and Dane Opara
  • Course 37 km: Anela Muhtarević and Marko Starčević
  • Course 13 km: Snežana Đurić and Nenad Tasić

Following participants of all previous Vučko Trail editions of do not pay the race fee:

  • Čolović Sanela, Kapetanović Jenko Šejla, Kantardžić Hamid, Kličić Mirsad, Krnić Benjamin, Leženić Ivan, Mulić Vernes, Muminović Senad

Runners with the free race fees, who plan to participate in the Vučko Trail 2023, should contact the organiser no later than Friday, May 19th 2023,

Paypal payment:

For the start package You can pay directly to our account at Unicredit Bank:

Receiver: PD Željezničar, Sarajevo
Account: 3389002207592455
Purpose: Vucko Trail 2023/ Course/ Name and Surname / Phone no.

for payments from Croatia:

Receiver: PD Željezničar, Ključka 2,Sarajevo, BiH
Purpose of payment: Vucko Trail 2023/ Course/ Name and Surname / Phone no.
Model of payment: 99
IBAN: HR8224020063209472763


  • we would consider competitors if they don’t pay registration fee by May 19th 2023, 23:59h
  • competitors that cancel enrolment by May 19th 2023, would be refunded for half of registration fee value or transfer registration fee for Vučko Trail 2024.
  • competitors that cancel enrolment after May 19th 2023, would not be refunded, but can get their race t-shirt and meal voucher.