Race name: Vučko trail 2019

Organiser: Planinarsko društvo “Željezničar”

Organiser contacts:

cellphone: 061338742 i 061828011

e-mail: pdzeljeznicar@gmail.com

web: http://vuckotrail.ba/

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/VuckoTrail/

Date: Saturday, 22.06.2019.

Race location: Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Three courses:

cca. 63 km/ +3450 m climb – Sky variant

cca. 37 km/ +1450 m climb

cca. 13 km/ +610 m climb

Race start: Babin Do, Bjelašnica

Course 63 km: 8:00 h

Course 37 km: 10:00 h

Course 13 km: 12:00 h


Course 63 km: 16 hours (Time limits: 42. km: 11 hours from start and 52. km: 14 hours from start)

Course 37 km: 9 hours

Course 13 km: 5 hours

Race finish: Babin Do, Bjelašnica

Race BIB, goody bag distribution and obligatory equipment check:

Thursday, 20.06: until 22:00h in Sarajevo

Friday, 21.06: from 18:00 till 22:00h Bjelašnica (Babin Do)

Saturday, 22.06. Bjelašnica (Babin Do):

63 km race: from 07:00 till 07:45 h

37 km race: from 08:15 till 09:30 h

13 km race: from 10:15 till 11:30 h

Race rules:

All competitors must read and obey to Vučko trail rules that can be found on our website:

Registration procedures and race fees:

Registration: on-line on website: stotinka.hr.

Registration closes: Saturday, 08.06.2019. 23:59h.

After this date registrations are only possible by contacting organisers by phone or e-mail. After this date we can not guarantee that you will get race t-shirt and finisher medal.

Race fees:

Course 63 km: 04.10.2018 – 04.03.2019 : 25€ (50 KM)

Course 63 km: 05.03.2019 – 08.06.2019 : 40€ (80 KM)

Course 37 km:04.10.2018 – 04.03.2019 : 20€ (40 KM)

Course 37 km: 05.03.2019 – 08.06.2019 : 30€ (60 KM)

Course 13 km: 04.10.2018 – 04.03.2019 : 15€ (30 KM)

Course 13 km: 05.03.2019 – 08.06.2019 : 25€ (50 KM)

Payment procedures and cancelation of enrolment:

Registration fees can be paid till 08.06.2019. 23:59h

we would consider competitors canceled enrolment if they don’t pay registration fee by 08.06.2019. 23:59h

competitors that cancel enrolment by 08.06. would be refunded for half of registration fee value or transfer registration fee for Vučko trail 2020

competitors that cancel enrolment after 08.06. would not be refunded, but can get their race t-shirt and meal voucher

For the start package You can pay directly to our account at Unicredit Bank:

Receiver: PD Željezničar, Sarajevo

Account: 3389002207592455

Purpose: Startnina za Vučko trail

Vučko trail 2017 winners do not pay race fee:

Course 63 km: Miluša Boškovic i Daniel Krstulović Opara

Course 37 km: Jasmina Kavazović i Marko Starčević

Course 13 km: Neira Odobašić i Nenad Tasić

Race fee includes following:


mountain rescue service

meal after race

race shirt

refreshment points on race course

finisher’s medal for runners that finish race in time limit

Obligatory equipment:

It is obligatory for the athletes to have the following equipment with them, for the full duration of the race.

All races (63 km, 37 km, 13 km)

Cell phone with full battery and active number. Turned on during for the full duration of the race .

first aid kit (gauze Rroll bandage + sterile gauze)

survival blanket


race BIB visible for the full duration of the race

Additionally for 63 km and 37 km

CamelBack or bottles containing at least 1 litre of liquid

Additionally for 63 km

Head lamp with spare batteries

Recomended equipment

Drinking cup or water bottle (Refreshment point would not have cups)


During the race and at finish line organiser will do obligatory equipment checks (First 10 runners and random checks after). For every missing obligatory equipment  part competitor would get 30 penalty minutes. Competitor with more than 90 penalty minutes will be disqualified (competitor missing more than 3 obligatory equipment  parts).

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